Appointment Setting

      Finding qualified new business opportunities


      What is an appointment setting service?

      Appointment setting is the process of introducing your company to your target audience (in our case over the phone), creating rapport, identifying opportunities, and booking an appointment so you can properly introduce your products or services.  
      The art of appointment setting lies in not sounding like a cold call, but in being respectful and discreetly directing the conversation towards your desired goal while also qualifying any potential opportunities. The prospect should feel like they are the one person you called that day, and that you are a peer, not a telemarketer.
      An integral part of our service is data generation - this will make or break any appointment setting campaign. We ensure that every campaign we run has a fresh and highly targetted database built-in house. We also have good insider knowledge of which companies and contacts can provide potential early quick wins.  


      Addimus' strategy is to become a natural extension to your sales team while working in collaboration with your marketing function.   
      We are flexible and allow for a highly targetted approach where necessary. We often find our clients fall into 3 brackets:

      New to Market

      We help identify the target market and which business units and budget holders we should engage (importantly, which will be easiest). We then set up strategic appointments with them. We also focus on quick-win opportunities so you can acquire testimonials and improve your "at a glance" credibility for further growth.

      Established - Mid Value Solution

      Your company is established in the market place. Now you need to increase your market penetration and focus your sales team on closing pipeline opportunities. We work with your sales team to find live projects /opportunities and book sales appointments with the appropriate contacts, as a result, they spend more time closing.

      Established - High Value

      This is where we look more towards account-based marketing. Our focus can be split between general target accounts and 10-20 top-tier companies that could yield exceptionally high deal values. This is when we will map out accounts and identify each relevant business unit and decision-maker (or key influencer) involved in the buying process. Often after you attend the 1st meeting we can use this as leverage to create 3 or 4 high-level engagements across multiple business units 

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