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      Rob Sirett - Owner. ESM Europe

      Over the period that we've worked with Addimus we have achieved a substantial ROI through a steady stream of well qualified and targeted appointments. Addimus have enabled us to add several blue chip brands to our roster of clients - resulting in a substantially increased turnover for ESM. I would whole heartedly recommend them to other companies looking to grow their business.


      Andy Travis, Joint Managing Director at Maglabs

      Addimus has provided us with a number of high quality appointments, with senior members of staff, within our target list of companies. This has not only resulted in us being able to build long-term strategic partnerships, but has also resulted in turning them into concise propositions. Their commitment and enthusiasm to achieve expectations has helped us uncover multi-million pound opportunities with companies such as Arcadia Group Ltd / Heinz / Tetley GB etc They have consistently delivered excellent results for us, so I would happily recommend them.


      Katherine Tite - IDBS, Marketing Manager

      I worked with Colin and Toby for several months and it was a very positive experience. They are very personable people who bring this with them onto the calls. They established a good rapport with prospects very quickly and were good at getting information out of them! During our time with them they were challenged with different messages and targets and always rose to the challenge. It was a pleasure to work with them.


      Alan Wright - Managing Director, Magnet Harlequin

      Addimus have delivered meetings that are of a very high standard with senior decision makers in our industry. We have used appointment setting services before, but Addimus stands out because of the quality of their appointments, they have delivered meetings that are of a very high with some very high profile companies. I would whole heartedly definitely recommend them anyone looking into appointment setting services.


      Andrew Thompson - Parasoft UK, Managing Director

      Parasoft Uk has been involved with Addimus since January 2012. During this time they have been quick to pick up on the technology that Parasoft are selling, and to translate this into a 'pitch'. Whilst I have provided the occasional prospect that I wanted to have a meeting with, the majority of the booked meetings have all been with companies that Addimus have researched and short listed. Addimus have been able to supply a steady stream of good quality meetings with companies that have requirements for Parasoft's solutions. I am more than happy to recommend them.

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